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Do you want to avoid the Traps set by Institution.?

Do you know why you lose money in the market?

1. 95% of the traders lose money due to the fact that they trade based on laggy indicators like Moving Averages, Super Trend, Bollinger Bands which works only during trending market . Unfortunately market trends only for 30% of the time.

2. We are subjected to trade with indicators that works only during the Trending market.

 3.  Using Support and Resistance in smaller timeframes leads to stoploss hunting. Institutes very well know where majority of the retailers keep their stoplosses. Your stoploss is their Liquidity.

4. 90% of the Indicators that are available in the market gives you only 35 – 45% success rate.

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Introducing Dynamic Zone Indicator 

1. The reason we call it a leading indicator is because the zones are formed when the market opens and the market takes reversals from these zones

2. The zones do not change regardless of the timeframe you use.

3. They Act as potential reversal zones, We either trade breakouts or reversals.

4. These zones are exactly where Institutes average their price and this is the only way you can make sure that you stay along with them,

5. This indicators helps you immensely in sideways trend too.

How are we different?

 1. The Strategy and three indicator that we use are custom built and it has been carefully backtested for more than 500 days and it works like charm in any market.

2. The selection of stocks is the key in Trading, we teach  you how to knock that one  stock which moves huge. What we teach cannot be found anywhere on the internet or in the books or youtube. 

 3.  We promise you that this will be the last course you will ever need in your trading career.

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Our Strategy has been carefully backtested for more than one year and has an accuracy of more than 78%.

Do you want to know how I made 8000$ in 1 month ?


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Answers to Your Questions

I had joined many courses, why should I join this?

We don’t teach you what’s already available in the books or youtube, and also not based on indicators that are used by 90% of the traders. What we offer is completely different and Interesting and only for 1000 people. Many people have recovered course fee in just one trade.


Can I use options?

You shall use both futures and options

Do I have to renew the Indicators after one year?

Yes, the indicator needs to be renewed after one year. You wouldn’t mind paying us as you’d be earning real good money.

It works on all stocks, commodities and forex market.