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ATTENTION: INTRODUCTORY OFFER – Price May Go Up or Expire At Any Time

Are you Tired of Trying All Strategies in the market?

The last training you ever need for anyone trying to be a fulltime trader Like me.


Wonder how to select the right stocks?


Are you struggling to catch the momentum at right time?


Are you making money on and off and looking for a consistency?


Are you looking for a passive income?

I was Facing the same Issue four years back.



First time in India, in-house community forum to share charts among Top PRice Action Traders


This is not a Magical course that makes you a Successful Trader in a week.

Don’t join the membership if you borrow money from others.

Do not join this membership if you have no intent of Drawing patterns.

Do not join the membership if you are looking for calls.

Who is this is for?

Anyone who is willing to Learn The Real Price Action Techniques.

Anyone who wants to become a Full time Trader in the long run

Anyone who already knows basic Technical AnalySIS.(CHECK FAQ)

Anyone who takes full responsibilty for what they do.

Anyone who is looking for a reliable strategy.

Our Community members Feedback

JFT Membership – Tamil

The conventional Webinar or workshops are not longer than a week and nothing practical can be learnt . Introducing UTM which is going to be a gamechanger in learning price action.


Extreme Price Action Techniques


Reliable Intraday Strategies


High Accuracy Swing Trading Strategies


How to make 10 to 20 points daily in Crude oil


Access to In-house Custom coded Indicators


Login Access to JFT community Forum to share charts


Plans for Office Goers and College Students


New Videos will be updated in the portal regularly for high Learning curve

HUGE 50% DISCOUNT from 40,000

 Complete package for an Aspiring Trader

Just Pay 15,400 ₹ 



I am new to this , CAn i ENroll To UTC?

You need to be strong at basics of technical Analysis like S&R, candlesticks. please click this link for beginner course.(Only English Version available)



Can I Get Access to TAMIL COURSE if I had earlier enrolled to ENglish course ?

Thats not possible. However, You will be given some offer code for tamil course.


How long are the videos?

The course videos are around 4 hours which is just 50% of the learning. The other 50% of the learning will be through JFT community and new videos that I upload. This membership has a steep learning curve and a reliable one which you will use it for life. THe videos will be added upto 12 hours and the price will also be increased based on duration


How long is the membership valid?

The membership is valid for one year. After one year, you shall renew the membership to retain the access to all new videos, JFT Community and our Indicators.


How long it takes to recover the membership fee?

It’s subjective, Some have recovered in their first trade and some have taken a month. It depends on your capital. Focus on the learning. You will make more than what you thought.


If I am not making money after your course, Can i ask for a refund?

There is absoultely no Refund policy, Our strategies have been used by considerable amount of people already. We know it works flawless. please read our terms and condition before you enroll to the course https://justfortraders.in/terms-and-condition/ 


Do you teach Futures and Options?

Whatever I teach is applicable to Futures and Options. But I dont teach Option strategies.


Do you provide Calls?

No, we don’t provide calls, Me and the top traders in the community section share charts in the forum which is more than enough for you to take your own trades with your own decision and recover the membership fee


Can I get access to only indicators?

Our membership is all about Price Action techniques, JFT community, and My videos that I update regularly. That’s how you learn to become consistent Profitable Trader. Indicators help you with 20%, We provide you 4 Indicators after taking up the membership, namely supply and demand, JFT_Area, JFT_advancedvwap and JFT_LINES. They are just a bonus in addition to the main Price Action Strategy that I teach.


Do you have EMI option?

No we dont have that option, Almost 50% of our Students joined our course by earning from the Free strategies that I had taught in youtube. You shall do the same.